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2019 Quality and Safety in Children's Health Conference

The Quality and Safety in Children’s Health Conference brings pediatric quality and patient safety professionals together to collaborate.


Children's Hospital Association Session at ACHI

Join children’s hospital colleagues for a sponsored meeting following the Association for Community Health Improvement conference.


Pediatric Prehospital Sepsis Screening and Management

Presented in partnership with Sepsis Alliance, Join Dr. Lynn Babcock and Dr. Kathleen Brown, as they share how pediatric patients can be integrated into prehospital care for sepsis through the development of a sepsis protocol and prehospital screening tool. Learn how EMS strategies to target sepsis recognition, can improve timeliness of care and be an effective approach to identifying and rapidly treating the early stages of sepsis.


Improving NICU Nurse Retention and Clinical Preparation

Join a Pediatric Learning Solutions webinar for insight on improving neonatal-specific training. Learn how a multi-state health system standardized NICU education across facilities and improved first-year nurse retention resulting in significant system-wide cost savings for re-hiring and agency staff.

Registration opens March 25, 2019